2019/03/25 – Jianquan Cao – A test metric for assessing single-cell RNA-seq batch correction @SC297

Single-cell transcriptomics is a versatile tool for exploring heterogeneous cell populations, but as with all genomics experiments, batch effects can hamper data integration and interpretation. The success of batch-effect correction is often evaluated by visual inspection of low-dimensional embeddings, which are inherently imprecise. Here we present a user-friendly, robust and sensitive k-nearest-neighbor batch-effect test (kBET; […]

2019/03/11 – Andrew Li – A coding and non-coding transcriptomic perspective on the genomics of human metabolic disease @SHB1021B

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS), relying on hundreds of thousands of individuals, have revealed >200 genomic loci linked to metabolic disease (MD). Loss of insulin sensitivity (IS) is a key component of MD and we hypothesized that discovery of a robust IS transcriptome would help reveal the underlying genomic structure of MD. Using 1,012 human skeletal […]